EXT:solr – Use categories as hierarchical facets

Since TYPO3 6.x the TYPO3 Core ships categories per default and I contributed support for categories as hierarchical facets to the EXT:solr.
This a quick tutorial on how to use that with an concrete example.

Make sure you are working on current master (3.0.0-dev) of EXT:solr or have at least applied the needed patch (see git.typo3.org).

Last a week Renan Gautier from France reached out to me with a question about that:

I’m using your CategoryUidToHierarchy function to display hierarchy of categories and it works great, thanks a lot for that work.
I want to show the category title instead of the category uid and I haven’t found solution to do so.

So what are the step’s needed:

  1. Configure you index queue to index the categories
  2. Configure the facet rendering to resolve the data from uid

As a result you will get a HMENU rendered as nested unordered list. With the power of stdWrap you are able to extend this basic example.

  • Edited 2014-04-18 3:15pm: I added line 23 in the second listing; thanks to Georg Ringer for pointing it out
  • Edited 2014-04-18 4:05pm: Added the name of the person who is the reason for this, after he granted me to do so.

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