In the TYPO3 CMS Team Meeting in January or February we talked about that we would need a platform where we could communicate more about what we are working on.
We back then considered as way to unflexible and as the wrong place.

So we agreed that it would make sense to just create custom blogs and aggregate them in some “planet-TYPO3″.

Here we are! I will concentrate on FAL at first – or write about what I actually currently do. Feel free to send in “topic requests” or “FAL questions” I could answer in this blog.

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Steffen Ritter
Steffen Ritter is a freelancer for TYPO3 CMS and TYPO3 Flow. He spends his spare time with improving TYPO3 products, singing in a gospel choir and watching US american tv shows. Steffen Ritter lives in the nahe valley - a small, but high quality, wine growing region in the south west of Germany.

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